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Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore | Guest Post

To keep spirits high, our author, Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore has written a light-hearted lyrics to share with our audience. We hope you all enjoy!



One day, over the rainbow

losses, far and wide.

Every country, more or less,

no lover at your side.



One day, over the rainbow

lockdown’s come to stay.

Covid, with a sneeze and cough

brings loneliness your way.



One day, over the rainbow

poverty will grow,

work of every sort dries up

  • this is what we know.



One day, over the rainbow

systems fall apart.

Every choice, either which way

will surely break your heart.



One day over the rainbow

good things will come along.

For the many, not the few,

  • find hope in this, my song!



To check out Charlotte's collection of books published with us, including the new book, Herbie and the T. Rex, click here! 

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