This Black History Month we focus on Black women, their struggles and plights, and their success and impacts on the world.

 NAKED - Taleka White CW: Child Sexual Abuse

"Growing up in a typical West Indian family, children are to be seen and not heard. That wasn't me; you saw that and took advantage."
Taleka details the trauma she faced growing up, being a survivor of child sexual abuse forcing her down a path of substance abuse and with her demons following her into Adulthood.

Naked is a song for those silenced, an ode for those who feel alone, and a fight against abusers.




I AM BLACK - Trisha Caress

"I AM BLACK" is a passionate plea for justice and a mirror of the inequality suffered by black people throughout history.
"I AM BLACK - YES I AM" is a proclamation of pride in black heritage, a defiant refusal to accept injustice and resolve to strive for a fairer world.
"I AM BLACK - YES I AM - THANK YOU" is praise of countless brave pioneering black men and women in various fields who blazed a trail for a just society for all.




Women of Colour Made a Difference in the Era of the Revolutionary War - Marion T. Lane

Do you know who Queen Charlotte is? The wife of a British King who had African ancestry with little known about her. Or Dinah of Stenton, who saved her home with her quick thinking. As you read the stories of these twelve women, think about what makes a difference: an idea, an object or a deed.






Education Without Walls - Edith Stone


Edith Helen Stone-Jackson attended many universities and colleges and followed her passion for learning and education. Her book features Edith and the Stone family struggling with discrimination and segregation in Detroit before the Civil Rights laws. It is an example of triumph over the remnants of their American slave history, and a right to education for all.