In the wake of America's day of independence on the 4th of July, we wanted to take advantage of such an occasion and spotlight some of our American authors. We certainly have quite a few (spoiler, they're all pretty great), but we've handpicked a few that we absolutely adore, and we've put them on display in this here article. 

We hope you find some great reads from across the pond (or maybe it already is your side of the pond)!

Mable Caldwell- "The Dangers of Chemistry" 

From the mind of very promising teenage author Mable Caldwell comes "The Dangers of Chemistry", a tale that follows Aaron Cripple, a high school wallflower turned amateur detective, as he races against time to find out why kids from his town are vanishing, all whilst trying to keep his loved ones at arms' length from the situation. Mystery, thrills and romance abound in this fantastic story. 

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Lane Oliver- "Stag"

In this short, sweet novella, Lane Oliver paints a gripping portrait of the dissolution of a man's sanity, the breakdown of a once tight-knit American family, and the creeping feeling that something eldritch is at work in the quiet, ancient woods. A must-read for fans of Horror and Southern Gothic alike, this twisted story is sure to leave its mark on you. 

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Matthew Oelkers- "Spellseeker"

Set in a rich, sprawling fantasy world, well-connected Owen is a spellseeker, a law-enforcer in the world of magic. Despite his prior hopes and dreams, he finds himself in a hostile town in a dead-end job in the Department of Lost and Stolen, buried in mounds of paperwork. But is there more than meets the eye in these new surroundings?

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Kendal Lou Dickson- "Whispers Through the Pines"

May Ferrothorn has a past deeply scarred by an abusive father, but in the quiet, neighbourly town of Pine Valley, she finds it in herself to heal from her trauma. She finds that something is still missing in her life until she lets Clint into her heart, someone with whom she believes she can re-start her life. But jealousy can coax out cruelty in any man. Without warning, Pine Valley descends into chaos, as it is shaken by a series of shocking crimes. 

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Paul Kiritsis- "Tales of a Spiritual Sun"

In this collection of short, sweet stories, Paul Kiritsis creatively re-imagines ancient myths- Medusa, King Midas, Pandora, Orpheus- and sprinkles in his own modern twists. Set in both traditional and contempoarary settings, "Tales of a Spiritual Sun" will allow you to re-discover tales of old through a fresh lens. 

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