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Book Reviews

  • The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need | Review

    Reviewing books has been a passion of ours for a while and usually, it is very straight forward, read a book, talk on plot, quality of how it is written and how much you enjoyed it. We have reviewed so many fiction books and cookbooks we thought it was time to change it up a little with something out of our comfort zone... queue: The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need. 

    JULY 10, 2019
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  • Embers the Beginning and Embarks the End of Mirpur | Review

    Check our this review by poet and writer, Mrs Rachna Gupta for Embers the Beginning and Embarks the End of Mirpur. 

    MARCH 19, 2019
    Book Reviews
  • Book Review | Gorg Persso reviews Confessions of a Burning Soul

    The talented Gorg Persso, author, writer, poet and TV and Radio presenter/host just received Joanna Bugeja's book 'Confessions of a Burning Soul'. 

    FEBRUARY 22, 2019
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  • Fuss-Free Vegan by Sam Turnbull | Review

    This week we had the pleasure to review Fuss Free Vegan by Sam Turnball, if you're looking for a healthy, fun book that doesn't stray away from comfort foods, this is the one for you, check out our full review here!

    FEBRUARY 04, 2019
    Book Reviews
  • New Year New You – Learning a new language

    This year we decided to take up a new language. We couldn't just give up chocolate... To do so we're taking up classes, learning about the Spanish culture and reading some really good books. Read more to see what we recommend! 

    JANUARY 22, 2019
    Book Reviews
  • Guest Post | The Cosy Dragon

    Introducing a wonderful guest post from the talented blogger 'The Cosy Dragon'. Check it out and follow them on their social medias! 

    DECEMBER 18, 2018
    Book Reviews