It’s cat day! To celebrate these furry friends here are a few of our favourite books about cats.



The Tale of Molly MaGoo by Carolyn Duff 



When Molly Magoo goes wandering in search of a friend to play with, she runs into various other cats in the neighbourhood who all seem too busy to play. She wanders further from home and realises she is now lost. Will Molly be able to find her way back home to her favourite spot by the fire?


The Scratching Post by Susan Delaney 



Susan Delaney's The Scratching Post is a funny, poignant, and eye-opening work of fiction. Sally has dedicated much of her life to strengthening a charity whose aim is to care for and protect sick, abandoned and maltreated cats. She faces more obstacles than one might think. Not only from the ignorance of the human beings around her about the needs and proper care of cats, but also from malicious enemies who wish to take over the charity for their own ends, as well as dishonest or unstable employees. What makes the book such a charming story is its being told, in large part, from the perspective of the cats themselves. Creatures who, in this sympathetic and imaginative portrayal, each take on their own distinctive characteristics, habits, and mannerisms. Readers may well fall in love with Comfort, Banjo, Pickles, and the other cats described in the pages of The Scratching Post.


The Finding of Kitty Baloo by Dicksie Moss 



In The Finding of Kitty Baloo, author Dicksie Moss has created a heart-warming tale in verse of a stray feline, separated from mother and sibling, who turns up at Holme Farm. There is farmer Jabez Crunk, his wife Martha and children Jacob and Lillah, who soon name her and adopt her as the farm cat. Winter then spring, pass into summer and Kitty is growing up. During the cycle of the farming year there are delightful encounters with various farm animals - dogs, sheep, pigs and poultry - and a fearful one with a fox - and to top it all she wins first prize in the County Show Best Farm Pet competition. A few days later a farmer neighbour comes with a big box and an even bigger surprise... This story has a charm and innocence which will appeal to young readers.