How fast has this year gone? Too fast. It was September last time we checked… to think Christmas is just around the corner is crazy. Regardless, 2019 is just around the corner so it’s time to recommend some books to take you into the new year!


Without further ado, here’s our recommendations!




Emily by Klaus Schwamborn 



Adrian Bowers is a devout man. The first time James Clark, the CEO of SkyTech, meets him, Bowers suggests that they pause before their meal to thank their maker for it. But all in Bowers's life is not as it seems. Not only is he a cruel and violent husband, whose personal life is deeply immoral and often criminal, he is also engaged in an extraordinary plot to destroy the world's farming communities by forcing farmers to buy sterile seeds, a plot which will lead to unimaginable profits for the Magentis Corporation. Setting out to thwart him is a small group of likeable employees at SkyTech: Nate, the tech wizard; Sven, the brilliant, untraceable hacker; James, the serious and thoughtful boss; and Emily herself, whose growing passion for Nate accompanies them both as they follow Bowers through the complex cyber-labyrinths of his terrifying plans



Oleg The Giant by Graham Fletcher & Eva Sanchez-Gomez 



Oleg is a junior giant who just doesn't fit in with his village. He cries because he is lonely, but this floods the village. There's no getting away from it: Oleg is different. When the Lord Mayor tells Oleg that the villagers want a proper giant, who ‘Raaah's' a lot and rips up trees and eats cows, Oleg knows that he can't be like that, so he has to leave. While he is away, a ‘proper' giant, Igor, moves into the village and behaves exactly as a ‘proper' giant should. The villagers are horrified and the Lord Mayor wants Oleg's help. Can he save them from the ‘proper' giant? If you knew Oleg, what would you tell him to do?


Coming To A Head by Lonny Carey 



When everything around him began to crumble four years ago, starting with his health, Lonny Carey found himself on the ride of his life that nearly ruined his career, his marriage and his sanity. Lonny's journey has given birth to a book that is sorely needed among the church of today. Coming to a Head: A Journal about God, Stress and Super Volcanoes tackles sensitive subjects such as whether a victorious Christian can legitimately suffer from depression, anxiety, fear and stress. The book also looks at the devastation these things can do to a loving marriage and how Lonny and his wife have had to rebuild their relationship. The bite-sized chapters are intended to be a help and inspiration to those who suddenly find that life feels cruel and suffering seems endless.



Wake Up Fatty: A Philosophy of Fat by Donald N Sinclair 



Wake Up, Fatty is the informal and humorous look at the ‘life of fat' of Donald Sinclair. Don, having been a self-confessed fatty and having lost the weight and kept it off, has now become a self-confessed ‘smug b****rd' and has decided to commit his personal views and experiences to this book. Sharing his often cynical and sometimes possibly controversial views, his blunt perspectives on life from people to pensions, from religion to racism are related to his weight loss. With practical advice on what has worked for him, he hopes to inspire you to lose weight too (if indeed you need to) or at least have a laugh trying!




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