There are some books that every household needs, so we thought it would be interesting to name our picks! 


The Bible - Written by many 


Religious or not. It's certainly worth having handy. With all the references it's hard to keep up without a quick skim through it! 


 An Atlas - (our favouite version is The Times version) 


Yes you can just google earth it, but really... what's the fun in that? 


A Brief History of Time - Stepeh Hawkins


There's a reason why this man had many films and documentaries made about him. He was a genius and this proves it. A must have for the science lovers. 


Little Women - Louisa May Alcott 


Again, a classic. There will never be a moment where it will not be appropriate to read this classic. 


Hamlet - William Shakespeare 


Well, really anything Shakespeare. A household is not compete without a copy of one of his works 


The Odyssey - Homer 


Homer's classic. And a wonderful read. Top notch Ancient Greek literature! 


Alice in wonderland - Lewis Carroll


The wacky and wild! Is it a drug addled mess? Or sober genius? 

Either way, it's a gorgeous read. And you can get some beautiful covers now... 


Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë


My mother’s favourite and a beauty. Pain, happiness and big plot twists. Every bookshelf should have a copy of this! 



Did we miss any? Let us know what you would put on your shelf?