So, we’ve had villains we love to hate. How about book characters we just really dislike, a lot? It may be their attitude, how they present themselves, just something about them you really, really cannot get on with.


We have made a list of our top eight. We tried to pick an order but they are all so terrible, we are just going to list them randomly.



Rita Skeeter

A slimy, scheming, dreadfully annoying character who is very good at getting inside information by transforming into a beetle and eavesdropping. She is an unregistered animagus which makes us Potterheads go even more crazy. How could she do such a thing! I would not like to know that she is out there dropping in on private conversations.






Dolores Umbridge

We had to add another Harry Potter character didn’t we. We will all agree that we hated Umbridge more than Voldy. Compared to Umbridge, Voldy was a bit of an angel really. She interrupted classes, didn’t teach the students what they needed to know. She really was a big old baddy. (We mentioned Umbridge in our other blog, but we had to bring her back.)






Bella Swan

Bella is just a bit nothing-y. Can you really say much about Bella? Everything she did was just a bit meh. She had a bit more personality in the books than in the films though; come on Kristen Stewart, your face can actually move! She makes the list for the annoying lack of emotion she feels. (Also when Edward leaves and she just lies in bed for ages and ages, woman, up you get, do something productive!)






President Alma Coin

All seemed well in the beginning, but Coin just felt a bit off from the start. Did she really need the help from Katniss or was she just preparing her to die? I was quite glad when she was killed off, it made me laugh, just like it made Snow laugh in the film.






Mary Jane Watson

Now this is a comic book character, but goodness me was she frustrating. It didn’t help than Gwen Stacy was such an interesting character and had depth. Like Bella Swan, MJ was dull, you just can’t say much about her because there is nothing to say, and that is why she is annoying.






Violet Elizabeth

Every time Violet opens her mouth we want to sew it shut, please, Violet, stop talking. No one likes a whiny child at the best of times but I think she beats them all.





Joffrey Baratheon

Now this role made the actor who portrayed it stop acting because of the hate he was getting, so we get that the character is nasty. Joffrey is spoilt, manipulative and just a down-right *bad word we won’t insert!* No one likes Joffrey and if you do then please, we want to hear how you do it!






Veruca Salt

Spoilt, bratty kids are never fun, she was annoying and you were kind of glad when she disappeared down the chute. Phew! Thank goodness she didn’t win, we don’t think we could deal with the character at the end, gloating about her winnings.





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