We looked at a different style of book today. A collection of stand up routines, diary entries and final writings from a gone, but not forgotten, revolutionary comedian. Our, goat boy. 20 years later and we're still talking about the topics he brought up. ​


Most may know Hicks for his free-thinking, unfiltered honest routines that looked at many subjects with a new light. No genre was too much for Hicks - Skin colour to smoking, war and world hunger, conspiracy theories and culture, evolution and religion, UFOS, music, drugs, guns and war, he’s dealt with it all. Our personal favourite is ‘Goat Boy’, and if you’re under 18, you’ll need to wait until you’re at least 25 before you’re ready. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry- it’ll change your life.


A common line to Hicks was predictions and solutions. Bill would predict scenarios that may come to life, or look at predicaments we’re already in and offer an answer and logical solution.


Speaking of a current topic, he was famous for his opinion on gun control. Bill said "England, where no one has guns: 14 deaths. United States… 23,000 deaths from handguns. But there's no connection, and you'd be a fool and a communist to make one. There's no connection between having a gun and shooting someone with it, and not having a gun and not shooting someone...OK, though admittedly last year in England they had 23,000 deaths per soccer game.” 


Let’s just throw something into this bowl of laughs- This was over 20 years ago. Was he right? Was anything done about it?



In fact, if you watch or read one of Bill Hick’s shows, we guarantee it will seem like it was made yesterday taking in account all of the subjects he brings up. The only thing that will date it is the gritty quality, audiences’ apparel and his smoking on stage… 


Bill did something very courageous and rare. He gave a remedy in his comedy. He took himself so seriously… It didn’t appear to be serious at all. For Bill, his comedy was his philosophy. It’ll make you laugh, but then stay awake for hours afterwards, rolling his jokes around your mind like marbles in a bucket.


To sum him up – Bill was a beautiful piece of art hanging in a museum but rather than signing his name, drew a childish phallus in the corner. Just because he chose to be a comedian rather than a politician doesn’t mean he was wrong. If you look at many of the most successful and listened to comedians in this current time, many of them do as Bill did and bring politics to their books and shows.



Maybe if he lived long enough to become a politician, he would have been taken seriously? 


So, this begs the question: Why was he not taken seriously? Perhaps it was his edgy comedy that made people believe he wasn’t being completely serious? He died too quickly for us to ask him ourselves – FUNNILY enough, he guessed his own death too. Another thing to add to his eerie list of predictions, he should have written for The Simpsons.


Well… I think we may have the answer. 


Bill, we couldn’t hear you, because we were all laughing too hard.


If you’re not aware of Bill Hicks, or are and wish to look more into him, we highly recommend reading Love All the People, an inspiring collection of his stand up routines, diary entries, letters and final writings.