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Be more environmentally conscious this Christmas

Everyone, well, mostly everyone adores the Christmas period. But recent studies have shown that our environment doesn’t feel the same as us. Not to blow your Christmas bubble but holiday seasons are usually hand-in-hand with wastage, heavy wastage – landfills FULL of wastage.


The biggest culprits are usually novelty gifts that are funny once and thrown e.g. Christmas cracker gifts, does anyone actually keep them? Wrapping paper, bows and tape. And let’s not even mention the strange animal giving trend which leaves thousands of sad grown up cats and dogs in shelters.


Looking on the bright side, there is a lot of small, cheap and easy ways to be more conscious this Christmas!



- Use recycled brown paper or kraft paper to wrap your presents! Not only is it way cheaper than regular wrapping paper, it can be recycled – which most wrap cannot. Brown paper looks fantastic wrapped in string too, give an old-fashioned vibe this Xmas!


- Reuse your tree! Christmas trees are always going to be sold, real or fake. With the fake ones, you’re having a tree for life. So, invest in a nice, preferably sustainably made tree to be with you for every Christmas. Even better, get one-second hand so you’re not adding to the problem.


- Be conscious when getting gifts. Try and pick something that is going to be appreciated. And if it’s something they will likely use up. E.g. a shower gel. Try and go for something that can be recycled or is made of something like glass!


- Decorate eco-friendly! Use indoor LED fairy lights, solar-powered fairy lights, dry out some orange slices, collect some pinecones, buy or make some candy cane that everyone can eat afterwards. Felt and wooden decorations are becoming more popular so try and choose those. And most importantly, reuse your decorations every year!


- Buy recycled cards that can be recycled. Even better choose the charity cards that are the previous two. Try making your own! You’ll save money and its more friendly for the environment.


- Stay away from glitter and stores that over-pack. Shop more sustainable at Oxfam when most things are Fairtrade and recycled. Even Marks and Spencer’s have announced they will no longer include gift wrap and sparkly cards.


- Use real cups and plates rather than plastic! It looks better, feels better and is much better for the environment and your pocket!


- Take reusable bags with you when you do your Christmas shop!



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