Here at Olympia, we love hearing from our authors, getting an insight into their lives in writing and asking them what their advice would be to future authors. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Will Liam about his book!



What has been the biggest highlight of this journey so far?


Well, by far, the day the doorbell rings and a deliveryman stands there with a box containing the book. The excitement and frill to see, hold and touch the book for the first time is just like Christmas morning or when you take that first bite off the top of an Easter egg!



How much research did you do in this book?


Being honest the research I entered was that of my daughter’s imagination and making sense of it all. We watched the activities of our large garden, looking for ideas and making stories together. Every time some animal or bird that we saw we gave them a name and created the village of, what is now “ Silly Willow.



How many hours a day or week did you write?


This depends on what new happened or how time allowed for the pleasure of writing.



Did you edit anything out of this book?


Yes, but only about two chapters as it’s really a collection of advents that kind of really happened and to tie it all together was the most difficult thing.



Is there anything that only a few people would find in your book?


Yes, of course, to know how the story came about, well only a few can see the story as it really is!



What was the hardest part of the book to write?


To end it and make it whole and honest, without removing the charm and somewhat sweetness of the story. My aim was for it to be read at bedtime and for mothers and fathers to engage in the fantasy of the willow, with the dreams and imagination of the children. If young and old get a little soft feeling inside well, that’s the fulfilment of what I wanted to achieve



What advice would you give to aspiring authors?


Well, be honest and let the story flow. Don’t rush a single chapter nor miss out the bits that you feel are not relevant. You can edit and remove and replace somewhere else. It may surprise you that you probably won't write it from start to finish, and will have to rearrange it all at the end. Keep plugging on and believe in what you’re doing.



What is next for you, as an author?

I’m editing my first novel as we speak, getting it ready for a proofreader to cast their eyes on it!

It’s not a children’s book but it’s based on a true advent that has been silenced for years and I’m the first to write about it in English. It’s told through the eyes of a child and will shock all who reads it!



What was your experience like with Olympia publishers?


This is easy when I asked them something it was answered. They advised me of all the process and never made a meal out of anything. It was smooth and would go with them again. Yes!!!



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