It was a pleasure for us to interview bookworm Tazz Davies, following the release of her book “Mystic Being: Creation and Him,” about her aspirations to become a writer and find out what her advice would be to future authors.



Q - How old were you when you first wrote something substantial?

A - I have continually been writing, even from a young age. My English teachers always anticipated that I’d have, without a doubt, written more than what was meant to have been done, but I couldn’t help it – I just love to write.
The first piece of ‘proper’ writing I did, I was about 15. I’d written a short story called The Dead Fairies – of which was about two ‘dead’ fairies, who were willing to risk their half-dead status to become ‘whole’ again. I’ve always had a weird type of imagination, even from a young age. And now, I fully embrace that weirdness.

Q - Did you ever have aspirations to become a writer?

A - Constantly. It’s always been something which I’ve wanted to do. It is literally my dream. The downside, it seemed others were the writers – whereas I’m from a simple town of where ‘writer’ is not a common profession, at all. You’re more expected to work in a shop/factory/council office. I’ve always wanted to step away from that and write for a living, one day!

Q - What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

A - BE-lieve in YOU-rself – always.

Q - What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

A - Believe in yourself. Write from your heart, and if not that, then your soul. Write for yourself and don’t worry about others – this is for you! Trust in yourself. No idea that you have is stupid. Run with it, make it your masterpiece, but treat it as your baby, because it is.

Q - What did you find easiest and hardest about writing?

A - Easiest: Being able to write anywhere. Be it in bed, in a car, in a field, even a friend’s house – because if I have my imagination, sided with a pen and paper, or even my phone, then I’m sorted.
Hardest: When I have a great idea/quote to add into a story, or a plot I think will be great, and then forget it, which wholly exasperates me!

Q - Was it faster to write your book or to have it published?

A - It was faster to get it published. I’d had it all written out previously and was ecstatic about it, but then I had complications with my laptop (every writer’s worst nightmare!), and lost everything, so I had to rewrite it – thank god for notes and scribbling everything down!

Q - What was your favourite part of your book to write?

A - I don’t have a favourite part; I love all of it. I adored the fact that I could write down the story that was bouncing around in my skull and my awesome ‘friends’ could finally have their story told. I loved writing it down to find out where it all went – as if I was there for the journey with them.

Q - Do you have any plans to publish more work?

A - Oh, without a doubt! I’ve already got the entire series planned out, including the plots, characters, developments. Pretty much everything. I’m so excited to be able to tell their stories!

Q - If you could review Olympia Publishers in just a few words, what would they be?

A - Even though this is the first time working with Olympia, they’re fantastic! They’re professional, friendly, easy to talk to if any problems occur, and they keep you up to date on the work. Fabulous team!
Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, you rock!



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