We got to speak with Satnam Sokhal about his children’s book. A sequel to one of the most well-known and well-loved fairy tales, Satnam’s Goldilocks Returns shares much of the same core-DNA as the original, but he manages to twist his own devious and entertaining ideas into this new story.


The book is available to buy here.



Goldilocks is a tale that all of us know and love. How did it feel to expand upon such an iconic story?

I have always loved reading sequels or expansions of other children’s stories. Especially ‘Well Loved Tales’. I knew that writing about Goldilocks and the three bears would grab people’s attention straight away. As the story is iconic, I wanted to keep the key themes like the porridge, chairs and beds and adapt it a little to give the story a little excitement and twist at the end. I always wondered what happened to Goldilocks when she ran out of the three bears house, so I thought, what better way is there but to find out then by writing it myself.


Your book contains lots of fun and inventive traps for Goldilocks, set up by the Three Bears. What was your process in creating these?

Well, Goldilocks is a character that likes adventure, and she did not care much for walking into houses without being asked or even knocking first. The three bears experience of Goldilocks was not great. She walked in uninvited, basically trespassed. Broke baby bears chair, ate all his porridge and then slept on his bed. It was time for the bears to set some traps in case this mischievous girl decided to come back another time. Well low and behold, Goldilocks did return. The process for the chair was to show Goldilocks that she will not upset baby bear again by breaking his chair and if she tried to eat his porridge, she will get a little cold shock. The other chairs for mummy bear and daddy bear just came to me as they both have different movements like rocking and swivelling.

The beds were also ideas that I have experienced on holidays. Hammocks, water beds and beds in walls. These ideas were very different to the original beds the bears slept in. The draw bed was my favourite as it reminded me when I went glamping with my family. We had a cupboard bed, and it was nice and cosey which my youngest child enjoyed very much.


This new take offers up different, more loving ideas than the original. What would you like for children who read your book to take away from this story?

First of all, it is not good to just go into people’s houses uninvited. You must knock, unless you know the people so well, that they have said, you may just come in without knocking. This happens with my family and friends a lot.

The bears at the end felt sorry for Goldilocks and Goldilocks also felt very sorry for coming into their house uninvited, eating their porridge, sitting on their chairs, and sleeping in their beds. Her tears were a poignant part of the story because she was too scared to run away which allowed mummy bear to feel sorry for her and console her.

The loving touch was inviting the bears to her house and giving Baby bear her favourite bowl full of Honey (which we all know bears love)


As an early year's educator, how important is encouraging reading amongst the youngest children?

I have been teaching for over 30 years now and encouraging children to read has been at the heart of my job. I love reading to young children and have read many children’s books to many classes. Getting children to look at words and pictures and for them to use their imagination is wonderful to see.  The benefits of reading to children include helping them build language skills, learn about the world, and develop empathy and emotional awareness. Reading together also provides an opportunity for parents, care, and children to connect. It makes sense that being read to would help children learn to read themselves, and it’s true that being read to supports that crucial learning process. But the benefits of reading together — for kids and for parents — go far beyond literacy. It’s about spending that time together to share a book, laugh together and simply have fun.


And finally, if we may ask, what is next in your creative endeavours?

Well, I love sequels to stories. I have a couple of ideas which involves another character returning and building on a well-loved nursey rhyme. Watch this space!