Here at Olympia we love hearing from our authors, getting an insight into their lives in writing and asking them what their advice would be to future authors. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing R. P. Ghosh about his book!




When did you decide to write your book?


'The Treasure Of Tears’—poetry collection, is the ninth title to my credit and the second book published by Olympia Publishers. Totally, fifty two poems have been placed in this book. Therefore, one may like to take a note of the fact that; the writing is a continuous process in my life, one after another, subject to subjects, themes to themes. Most of my poems bear the date of writing at the bottom line. According to the contents of this book, the first poem, titled— “The Role of ‘Art’ in Life” carries the date as 1st October, 2010. And the last poem, titled—‘The Substance of My Assets’ bears the date- 19th July, 2013. Further to add, manuscripts are growing into volume for the next publication as well.        


Where did the name of your book come from?


We all appreciate and admit the time-tasted truth that; life of an individual human- being on this earth never moves only in one direction. Neither for a poor, nor for the prince even. Definition of life is -- the combination of happiness and pleasure, tragedy and distress. Eyes get teary at the moment of joy and happiness, even at the moment of facing tragedy. The whole process ultimately makes one rich and wealthy of experiences. In other word, the whole process generates the treasure for living-beings on earth surface. The title of one poem—‘The Treasure of Tears’, included in this book bears the title of this book.      



How long did it take you to write your book?


All the poems printed in this book carry the chronological dates. In fact, one curious mind may find many forgotten sources of history in the contents of my poetry collection. The time-span covers little less than three years, from 1st October, 2010 to 19th July, 2013.   



Do you have a personal favourite piece in your book?


Yes, of course! The favourite pieces of poem generally impress the poet’s mind to draw the headline or the main title of the book. In this case, apart from the poem, titled ‘The Treasure of Tears’, there a few more poems, narrating the philosophy of life, multiple beauty of nature, social injustice and unjustified behaviour of human-nature, are also my favourites.




Where did you write some of the pieces in your book? Do you always write in the same place or wherever you happen to be?


As I am mobile, only one particular place may not be fixed to determine as my writing avenue. My poetic and literary mind accompanies me always, wherever I move. Therefore, place of writing may not be fixed at all.   




How have you found your experience so far with Olympia Publishers?


Honestly speaking, I am grateful and obliged to Olympia Publishers as an organisation and all its personnel, irrespective of ranks and files. The organisation is always known by its personnel. In fact, I have been getting full support and cooperation all the time from every personnel of this organisation. Furthermore, I am very glad to know that Olympia Publishers is expanding its operations in Mumbai (India) and also in USA.

From the core of my heart always I pray for its flourishing expansions worldwide that will ultimately translate the success of the authors, as well, directly, or indirectly.



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