Here at Olympia we love hearing from our authors, getting an insight into their lives in writing and asking them what their advice would be to future authors. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Keith.G.Scott about his book. 



Q.        How old were you when you first wrote something substantial?


A.         I was 6O, I put down the gun and picked up the quill after 30 plus years with the Canadian Military.


Q.        Did you ever have aspirations to become a writer?


A.         I always felt there was a book in me but only got serious after retirement.


Q.        What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?


A.         I have never been given any advice.


Q.        What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?


A.         First write what you know and do not worry about perfect on the first draft, just get the story on paper. Lastly do your research even for fiction.


Q.        What did you find easiest and hardest about writing?


A.         The hardest thing for me can be self-motivation but my background gets me by that, not sure I have a good answer for easy.


Q.        Was it faster to write your book or to have it published?


A.        It was faster to write the book.


Q.        What was your favourite part of your book to write?


A.         The finishing chapter, I like the feel of wrapping it all up and the sense of worth for finishing something I started.


Q.        Do you have any plans to publish more work?


A.         Yes I have two written and going to, as they say there, send in for first rejection, haha. I have self-published a western Novel called Three       Uncles and a Lawman, went through a USA company,  great   story needs a bit of editing.


Q.        If you could review Olympia Publishers in just a few words, what would they be?


A.        A fine organization who does outstanding work and keeps their commitments.



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