Here at Olympia we love hearing from our authors, getting an insight into their lives in writing and asking them what their advice would be to future authors. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Joe D. Bernard about his book! 





What has been the biggest highlight in this journey so far?

I would have to say the learning process and the work that goes into a manuscript through to the finished product resulting in a publication.



How much research did you do on this book?

Researching my own journals and other sources of information was very time consuming but over the course of time became a small font of knowledge, worthwhile.



How many hours a day or week did you write?


On average 30 hours per week.



Did you edit anything out of this book?

Yes, a considerable amount, as I noticed possibilities of another interesting story may evolve.



What was the first reaction you had when you held your book for the first time?


A sense of achievement and a commitment to write more books.



What was the hardest part of the book to write?


The opening first chapter by far.



What advice would you give aspiring authors?


Never quit because it’s your artistic work and having your work published and out there is self rewarding.



What is next for you, as an author?


To have my next five books published and to write a screenplay.



What was your experience like with Olympia Publishers?


It felt like I was part of a team knowing I could ask for help or advice at anytime was massive for me, it instilled confidence that as a writer I wasn’t alone.





Grab yourself a copy of Joe's book, here!