Today, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dave Gregson, author of a rather unique book on our roster, 'The Secret Wild Wolves of Britain'. We spoke about his favourite books from his childhood, how travel has influenced his writing, and his future writing endeavours. 

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1). Which books do you remember fondly from your childhood?

I always had an interest in books with a magical and enchanted world and adventure, books I remember fondly are The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, The Enchanted Forest books by Enid Blyton, Danny The Champion of The World by Roald Dahl, which my father used to read to me. 

I was also a big fan of Penelope Livelys The Wolves of Willoughby Chase and  Alan Garner's books

As a younger reader, I very much enjoyed stories with talking animals including the Hannibal The Hamsters books and Wind in The Willows.

2). Do you personally prefer to read and write fiction or non-fiction? If you lean more towards one than the other, why do you think that is?

I read both fiction and non fiction, probably overall my preference would be for non fiction stories and personal experiences. My travels and travelling experiences have very much influenced my work. 


3). You are someone who has travelled quite extensively. Would you say that your travels have influenced your writing, and if so, how?

My travels and traveling experiences have very much influenced my writing, meet different people, sharing their experiences, and taking part in and visiting different cultures has been a thoroughly enlightening experience. 


4). If we may ask, what- if anything- do you have planned for your future writing endeavours?

Actually, I do have another writing project in preparation, the title of the book is "The Return of The Children of  The Night," and the premise is about a boy who as a child is helped by a ring of six stone garden gnomes that come to life in the moonlight and help him beat school bullies.

Then over 40 years later, those same six garden gnomes who had been hidden in the overgrown garden of his parent's house forgotten for many years, came back to life to help him as an adult deal with a difficulty in his life.