Portrayals of supernatural creatures vary in fiction, but none so much as the vampire. Regardless of genre, vampires manage to find a way to re-shape themselves to fit the mold, whether it is the cynical, bumbling bloodsuckers in the likes of 'What We Do in the Shadows', the vain, artistic Lestat in Anne Rice's fiction, the primal, twisted monsters of Steve Niles' '30 Days of Night', or the romantic, sentimental characters of 'Twilight'

Two-time Olympia author Craig V. Abbott II's vampire tales are that of love, and lustful desire. We recently spoke with Craig about his second book, 'Blood and Lust: Fire and Fangs'. We talked about his interest in the supernatural, his approach to writing, and why he believes vampires and adult fiction make such a good pairing. 

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1). Your book inhabits a few different genres, but is undeniably tinged with horror. You name Anne Rice- in particular her novel series “The Vampire Chronicles”- as an inspiration. Why do you find yourself drawn to writing horror, and in particular, what interests you about vampires?

I have always been interested in the supernatural, with vampires and werewolves being my favorites. I grew up watching and reading Goosebumps and enjoyed anything spooky. I think my favorite thing about vampires is their immortality. Because who wouldn't want to live forever with superior strength and speed? Anne Rice has always been my greatest inspiration. And when people read my books, I want them to be able to recognize what I am trying to do. I love the way she used to write. Her ability to tell a story was unmatched, in my opinion.

2). “Fire and Fangs” is the second book in the “Blood and Lust” series. Did writing a sequel demand a different approach to writing your first book? If so, how?

 Fire and Fangs starts where the first book leaves off. Because of this, I found it easier to write. I started by creating a detailed chapter outline and then expanded each part.

3). Vampirism and subjects concerning erotica are often paired together in fiction. Why do you think this is, and how do you navigate both subjects in your writing?

I think vampirism provides many things; erotic behaviors are only one of them. To me, the idea behind vampirism is the thirst for blood. A want, a need, a lust. And I think when something is that powerful, or has that much power over someone, it will almost always be erotic. When writing, I try to write what I want to read. So most things that I write are my personal preferences.

4). Has writing been something that has always been with you all of your life, or have you only recently taken to it?

 I have only been writing since 2016. It started with an idea and turned into my very own vampire series. Now, it's what I do with most of my time. My goal is to publish one book a year. 

5). If we may ask, what’s next for you, writing-wise?

I'm going to keep Blood & Lust going for a while. I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing it into this world, and I know some people really love it. I will also be looking to publish the first book in my spinoff series, 'Cursed,' which is about a werewolf and takes place in my Blood & Lust universe.