Local Author Charlotte West kindly gave us an insight into where her inspiration for writing started, and discusses her tips to help future authors!



Q - How old were you when you first wrote something substantial?


A - I was 14 years old when I first started writing short stories, and small poems.


Q - Did you ever have aspirations to become a writer?


A - Ever since I was a little girl and I was read Pride and Prejudice before bed by my parents I’ve wanted to be a writer. It’s been my dream to be a published author. 


Q - What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?


A - The best piece of advice I received is to write what you know, not what you’re uncomfortable with.


Q - What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?


A - The advice I’d give to an aspiring writer is to write when you’re at your highest emotions, be it happy or sad, it’s always going to be your best work. 


Q - What did you find easiest and hardest about writing?


A - I found the writing itself easy but the rawness and the exposing nature of writing I’ve always struggled with. It’s so telling about a person. 


Q - Was it faster to write your book or to have it published?


A - It was faster to write the book than for it to be published. 


Q - What was your favourite part of your book to write?


A - I have no idea... I find it hard to pick a favourite section because it’s broken down into so many different sections.


Q - Do you have any plans to publish more work?


A - I would love to continue writing, and publishing my work. 


Q - If you could review Olympia Publishers in just a few words, what would they be?


A - Olympia have given me the opportunity to publish my work and have it available to so many people. The point of my writing is to show solidarity and support of those who are struggling and Olympia has given me a platform to do that and I’m so grateful. 


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