Our author, Ann McNair, tells her audience about her writing journey. How it all started, where the love of poetry came from and her publishing journey. 



It is said that there is nothing new under the sun, and I believe this is so, but it is the personal slant we put on whatever we write that makes it different or unique.


The impetus to write something comes, I think, from the desire to share thoughts or ideas with other human beings. Sometimes from experiences shared or unique to ourselves, hoping to make them think, sometimes agree or simply to make them smile.


From an early age I have found an urge to write poetry and usually included one or two little stories in each of my poetry books, but never thought of myself as a writer. A few years ago there was great emphasis on the two world wars and I decided to try and capture my childhood memories of the second world war. Although I was only three when the war started, it is amazing how, young as I was, how much I remembered, and although there were so many much worse off, I thought it might be interesting for others to read, especially from a young child’s view of the times.


It was published and given an award which was probably something which helped me to think I could continue writing.


I have always been interested in other people’s stories and encouraged them to write about them. And sometimes I believe they have.  


It seems the more important a particular piece of writing is to us the more committed we have to be. Having been a church minister for many years, meant a lot of sermon and prayer writing but to me, this was different, although of course needed all my energy and skill not just to be sure whatever I wrote was authentic but delivered in a way which was right for my congregation.


Being involved with Olympia Publishers has opened my eyes as to just how much work is involved in having even a little book like mine, published.


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