This week, we asked our some of our authors: "What is the First Book you remember reading?"


And here's what they said!



Kerrith Fraser – The Adventures of Zinzi and Zebu


Shadow the Sheepdog by Enid Blyton – I absolutely fell in love with it!


Ros Roberts – Nila’s Adventures in London


The first book I remember reading was a series by Joyce Lankester Brisley called Milly Molly Mandy.


Aaron Moffat – Too Clever by a half


The first books I remember were the ones my mother read to me when I was five and six. Alice in Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh. An early book I remember reading myself was a children’s version of Oliver Twist.


Jean Daish – Operation Pied Piper / Operation Dynamo


My favourite book as a child - The Secret Garden by Francis Hodgson-Burnett, published in 1910, but, being a bit of a tomboy, I also loved the Worralls and Biggles books by Captain W.E. Johns.


Dicksie Moss – The Finding of Kitty Baloo


Jack and the bean stalk (no pictures). Books were a bit scarce in the mid 1940’s and there were none at our home. My parents were very religious and books were not allowed at home and I was not allowed to join a library.


John Mullen - Death Rate, The Snows of Sierra, Maranatha, The Ravensdale Conspiracy, (Soon to be published) The Wainwrights.


Robinson Crosoe


Aaron Byrne – The Path of Revenge


The first books I read were the Mr. Men books when I was very young. My mam would read is them every night, and I have loved reading ever since.


Dennis Talbot – A Small Price to pay, Sir? / Best Foot Forward, Ellingham / Look Lively, Ellingham


At about 8 or 9 I read Robert Lois Stevenson’s brilliant children’s novel “Treasure Island”, it was the first time I realised that words can paint pictures in your mind. The story is written from the point of view of the main character, Jim Hawkins and I was Jim Hawkins, if ever a book will grab a child’s imagination and make them a reader for life this is the one.


James A. Parmelee - I Challenge! Pure Thought Essays On The Way Things Really Are (Or Might Be)


The Bible.


Daniel Walsch – Musings


The first book I ever read? It seems like only yesterday when I read it. Actually, it was yesterday. Seriously, I cannot quite remember the exact title, but I do recall it having the words “little” and puppy” in the title. To this day, my vague memories of that book remain quite fond.


Kerry Barnes – Ruthless / Ruby’s Palace


The first book that I loved reading was ‘my family and other animals’ by Gerald Durrell. I even went to Corfu to see where he grew up.


Charlotte Sebag-Montefiore – Who am I?


Enid Blyton, and Legends of Greece and Rome


Ramdeo Ramsoondar - The Golf Swing Manual, (coming soon) A Golf Match Amid Wedding Bells


Ali Baba and the fourth thieves


Christa Edwards – The Zizi Stories


My first book, which I remember with great affection was a fairy-tale about a kind giant called “Wellewatz,” I used to crawl into our dog kennel and read it to my father’s retriever. Dear Wotan always seemed to be very pleased, especially if I shared a piece of chocolate with him.


Beau Bridgland – Day-to-Day Happiness

The earliest I can recall are a series of books called "One Two Three and Away" featuring the characters Roger Red Hat, Billy Blue Hat, Jennifer and Johnny Yellow Hat and Percy Green. I think I must have read some Roald Dahl very early on too (The Twits, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).