Art is subjective, everyone knows that. But we’re allowed to have our favourites, aren’t we? We thought we would take a look at 3 books, art related, that you may not think of straight away when you think of a typical ‘art book’.


Without further ado, here’s art done, three ways!



Cartoon and Comedy



One of our current favourites is this one. We became aware of Loryn through Facebook and Twitter and we found out through Buzzfeed that this wonderful book was coming out. If you’re a human, you will relate. Perhaps more if you’re a woman, but it doesn’t mean men can’t enjoy it!



Short stories paired with art!



This is our favourite example of art in short stories. These particular pieces of art are paintings by Jack Vettriano paired with the short stories! It works beautifully!



The history and emotion behind art



Sometimes looking at art isn’t enough to understand it. Talking to various university graduates who took art, they recommended this one. It’s a real incite into the darker emotion behind art. Regardless if you’re interested in a degree. You should pick up a copy of this.