With Pride Month coming to a close, it’s important to understand why Pride is celebrated, and acknowledge the struggle the queer community still faces. Historically, Pride started as a riot, and stories of historic LGBTQ+ love remain as tales of strength and defiance in the face of adversity.

Reading queer literature, supporting queer authors and buying queer art are small ways of supporting the community, and with many people still struggling to find their representation in books, it’s imperative to have these forms available wherever they can be.

Whilst most places are making progress in accepting Homosexuality and Transgender identities, there are still many countries, counties and states that discriminate against people for being themselves, and make it unsafe for many people to come out to their families, friends, and local community. Novels, poetry and literature are wonderful ways to reach these “secret” members of the community, and may help those who struggle to find their place in the world.



Alex doesn't need a full-on extra special, expensive adventure. They love seeing the extraordinary in the everyday ordinary, learning loads along the way! Join Alex, a non-binary child, on their extraordinary everyday adventure to the park, because...

...sometimes, wondrous things are happening right in front of us.



Embark on an internal and external lyrical journey of self-discovery, secrets, joy and pain with sultry and exotic Jasmine. Witness inner and outer demons via wars of the mind and on the battlefield. Heal betrayals with pensive equanimity whether they are familial or nonfamilial relationships, figure out her sexuality, and most importantly, learn to overcome melancholy memories by rising to greatness by seeking truth via self-love.



The first day of school in September 1959, finds the state of Virginia's Arlington County public schools integrated for the first time. Wynn Horry Junior, known as Junior, is one of the six Negro students going to Arlington High and he has already become friends, or maybe more, with Clifford Peterson, the white son of an upper-middle-class State Department family living in North Arlington near the high school.


Tails of Two Squirrels is the biggest love story of the squirrel kind, between Squernie and Squerena. Could Squerena be the one to change her ferociously committed ways, or would Squernie's commitment to her career get in the way of a potentially blossoming relationship?


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