When someone mentions France, it's common people jump to Paris, Disney or the Eifel Tower! Your mind doesn't often go to crystal clear waters, mountains, beautiful landscapes and weather. Queue the South of France! 


We recently released An Art Adventure in Southern France, which was heavily inspired by art in the South of France. Have a look at our recommendations for places to visit!



Nice – likely the most well-known spot in the South of France. Did someone say French Riviera? Not only is it packed full of culture, bars, café and shopping, but there are sites a ‘plenty! Castles, old towns and museums. Did we mention there’s a famous beach too?



Move your eye to the south-east and you’ll find hills and lavender, meet Provence. The Chick part of France, you could say. The hills and hikes have even been called the ‘Grand Canyon of Europe’. Dive a little deeper and you’ll find Aix-en Provence, a regular visit for casual vacationers – some lovely sites, beautiful landscapes and some great historic hot spots.



Marseille is big and bold, that’s what it’s known for, so it’s not always the spot for those that want to kick back and relax. However, if you enjoy being busy on holiday and getting double helpings of famous French culture, this is a must-see, Calanques National Park, Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde and the Musée d’Histoire de Marseille. We could go on! The port is particularly beautiful, crystal clear waters and forts protecting the harbour.




We recently released An Art Adventure in the South of France, a fascinating true story of Art in Situ, an art initiative founded and inspired by Betsy Tyler Bell who, along with her husband, David, worked tirelessly to ensure its success. Back in 2000, before the digital revolution, artists met in groups and held their own speciality events. However, Betsy and David were proposing a new idea which caught the imagination of both funding bodies and artists who were ready for new challenges. Workshops where the artists worked and lived in close proximity, experimented with their ideas based on themes, giving rise to thought-provoking discussion, music and poetry. Things didn't always go smoothly but the artists have reported how their time with Art in Situ heavily influenced their future work. Personalised with the artists' voices, it is a story of passion for art, of camaraderie among like-minded people and with descriptions of the art produced that will create lasting visual images in your mind.


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