It's rare you get to read a book within the genre of politics that tells the truth. That is exactly why we wanted to read James Comey's new book. A former FBI Director sharing untold information with the general public. We'll take one of those, thank you. Let’s just hope Mr. Trump doesn’t read this one.


We came into this book worried that it would be unfathomable, especially considering many in the UK do not know a huge amount about US politics. But we were surprised to find the book set out in a surprisingly human way. James lays the book out so well, that anyone who doesn’t know all the ins and outs can in some way understand what he is talking about. That being said, if you have no knowledge of US politics and history; don’t even bother.


To sum it up in a nutshell, it’s a well done legal document and we genuinely get a glimpse into James Comey’s life, which again, we were not expecting – it’s his side of the story and he does put a lot of effort into reminding the reader that he did what he thought was right. When you are given difficult decisions –regardless of the path you will take, not everyone will agree – but that is the job that he agreed to do and no one forced him to do or say anything. Lessons appear to have been learnt, and we do in some way hope that aspiring politicians or agents will read this book to see how important and difficult some situations are. James is surprisingly honest – even admitting to a lie he told which flooded him with guilt but he also talks about the good.


It’s very clear when you reach the end the fire is aimed at the current president – which we can hardly blame him for, he was the man who fired him at the end of the day. But, it was also in some ways like reading a documented court hearing – with James’ goal to explain himself and ultimately get us all to like him; which admittedly, worked for the most part.  


Overall, James clearly has a way with words and we can’t take the fact that he is a wonderful writer away from him. Can we believe everything said in the book… we think so? Regardless of your view in politics or what party you support, it’s certainly worth a read. We learnt a lot, and we’re sure you will too.