Getting a new dog is always exciting, but not everyone knows how to act around them, or how their new best friend might react to them! Dogs are still animals and need to be treated with respect and kindness like everyone else. After working with dogs for over 30 years, Shirley King has put her knowledge to paper to create a guide to understanding your furry friends!

In this fun guide, kids and adults alike will be taught what to look out for when training, playing, and meeting new dogs, including small tells to keep you and your canine pal safe!

Using simple language and cute cartoons, Shirly and Fiona have illustrated different techniques and exercises for you and your dog to ensure everyone is safe and happy.

Regardless of if you're getting a new puppy, have a dog in your family, or you're nervous around dogs and want to try conquering your fear, Horrid Hugs and Pesky Pats has all the information you need! 


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