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7 books for every type of Mum for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is not just a day to thank our wonderful mothers if we can, tell them how much we appreciate them or remember them if they’re not around. It’s also a day to embrace our mother’s individuality. No two Mothers are the same, some are older some are younger. Some love cats some love dogs and some love snails… One mother may love snowboarding the other may love Bowls. We’re handpicked 7 books for 7 different mothers. We hope you can find one to match your own mum!




For the Mother who’s always traveling


On Wheels, On Foot and On Crutches by Penny Lees



The mere thought of traversing any part of the African continent in a Land Rover with only two other companions is a daunting proposition... that is until the Indiana Jones element within Penny Lees kicked in one day and announced that she was to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Notwithstanding the various irritations whilst travelling through rural France, the Pyrenees and southern Europe, these paled into insignificance when faced with the climatic and cultural hurdles encountered in Africa.

Everything has its price they say... price is dependent on how much money you have... especially when out of food in the middle of the Sahara. From the author's diary entries, this enthralling epic, plotting Penny Lees' journey, offers the reader a clear picture of the problems that can be encountered. Nevertheless, complimenting this are the colourful and variegated landscapes along with equally colourful and different ethnic people.



For your Independent Business Mother!


Ready, Steady, Go - A Parent’s Guide to Getting Ready for the Race to Academic Success by Elizabeth Beggs



Every parent wants their child to make the very best of his or her abilities at school, and to do justice to his or her work in exams. Ready, Steady, Go shows you how you can help your child to achieve more than, perhaps, you or they ever thought possible. Elizabeth Beggs covers every aspect of academic success at school, from work in class, to the proper environment and study skills for school work completed at home, to a complete guide to how to approach longer-term and last-minute preparations so as to ensure exam success. Not every child can be Mozart, Jane Austen, or Einstein; but every parent who has a copy of Ready, Steady, Go can be sure of doing everything possible to permit his or her child to make the most of every opportunity which is given to them.



For the Mum who loves a glass or two of Merlot



You're the Reason Mommy Drinks Brandon Rhiness



Everyone thinks it, but nobody says it. Finally, there's an author with the courage to write what everyone's been thinking. You're the Reason Mommy Drinks is a children's book that is definitely not for children. But it will leave every mother worldwide nodding her head in agreement. If you’re looking to gift your mother something hilarious this mothers day,  this is the one for her!




The mother who loves her dog more than she loves you (you guess).


Gissitback by Julie Parsons



A pitter patter of tiny paws... a muddy nose... and dirty floors?

What is that naughty puppy doing? The author, Julie Parsons lives by the sea with a scruffy little dog called Smidgen. Smidge was the inspiration behind Gissitback. Julie is an award-winning TV writer, best known for her work on ITV's Emmerdale. She has a passion for stories, pizza and furry creatures. If you think your mum will adore a book dedicated to her favourite pet, this could be the one for you!



For the mum who always goes to the pub quiz!


Know by Katrina Greenslade



Do you know where the 1984 Olympia Games were held?

- Do you know what the seven natural wonders of the world are?

- Do you know how to mix a Gin Sling?

- Do you know what song spent 16 weeks at #1 in the U.S?

- Do you know what side of the road you drive on in Jamaica?

- Do you know how to make a pompom?


Over 100 pages of utterly random tips, lists, answers & info.

Replenish your general knowledge brain compartment with impressive facts to startle your friends. Swat for that quiz night. Learn something new every day. 'Cause let's face it...  we all should Know better.



The Mum who keeps up with Sports



Simply More Words from the Saddle by Scot Whitlock.



Cycling is more than a passion for Scot Whitlock, with all things two-wheeled consuming his professional and personal existence. His first book Simple Words from the Saddle continues to be an amazing success both in the UK and Worldwide. This new instalment follows in the same vein and is a beautifully written account of his trips across the globe. This time he recounts tales of his ventures to every conceivable corner of Europe in addition to providing a rare insight into professional cycling through interviews with some of the cycling World's top stars. Whitlock's simple goal is to encourage as many people as possible to get up and out on their bike to enjoy the open road.


'From the perspective of the experienced cyclist, the most interesting elements are the observations about local cycling culture and Scot's self-declared slightly off-beat sense of humour' - Seven Day Cyclist Magazine



For the fashionista Mum’ma!


Technicolor Dreamin' in Her Own Fashion by Karen Moller



"In Technicolour Dreamin', Karen Moller has given us a personal and critical history of the counter-culture, from beatnik San Francisco and New York, to hippie Paris and London, to Fluxus, to the feminist and fashion revolutions, to the aftermath of it all. This is a delightful memoir by an artist and designer who has seen it all and done it all and who took good notes and thought hard about what it meant, all along the way."


William Niederkorn - composer, playwright, NY journalist


"Karen Moller grew up in a small town in the mountains of western Canada. She took off at age nineteen, hitchhiking with Jack Kerouac's On the Road under her arm, after graduating from art school in Calgary and went on to dazzling success in the renaissance of poetry, pop music, fashion and the arts in swinging London. The freshness of voice and delighted wonder that permeate that illuminating, often hilarious, personal anecdotes is both irresistible and touching."


American Book Review


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