The 18th - 24th of May marks Mental Health Week. To help us appreciate this important week, try and understand what others are going through or help to heal ourselves we have put together a list of books that can help to start a conversation! 


Out of My Mind By Linda Thorne



Don't define me by my illness, this isn't who I am
just a little understanding to see me if you can
This thing is not contagious, you won't pick it up from me
it doesn't stop me loving, or being loved you see


Within these poems, the author shares the experiences of those of us dealing with a variety of mental health challenges including her own experience of living with Bipolar 2 disorder. The author explores the value of sharing, the power of support and understanding and how you can learn to love yourself without condition. The message is clear, eradicate the stigma that surrounds our mental health and for all those suffering in silence, know you are not alone.



Life is Eximius Ordo by Nigel Shaun Downing



Covering 15 years in its writing through poetry, follow the ups and downs of the author. Documented in diverse clarity and portrayed in a reachable manner to the reader. Sure to strike a chord along the way, from disaster to triumph in a unique take on life.



Day-to-Day Happiness by Beau Bridgland



Beau Bridgland is a young, English voice actor for animation, video games, commercials, narration and more. Despite having a very happy childhood, during his time at university he developed a deep depression, severe anxiety and low self-esteem.

Embarking on a relentless pursuit to overcome his debilitating difficulties, Beau has collated all the solutions as he found them. The result is a remarkable and honest ‘lifestyle manual' that almost everyone can relate to.

By asking questions of himself, Beau carefully analyses the problems, compartmentalises them and turns the negatives into positive thoughts. Outlining a number of easy-to-use, practical techniques that focus on new thinking and an awareness of language, he provides a handy guide which, if followed, can help readers to find and maintain a sense of self-fulfilment and happiness.



The Rainbow Dragon by Andy Martin



The colour of your fire can be very revealing. Knowing it will help you to say just how you're feeling! Rainbow is a young dragon finding it hard to control her fire. Can a mysterious old dragon help her to find a way? It's important to tell people how we are feeling inside. Our feelings are things we should never ever hide!


"Such a great message! Talking is vital to support children in learning to navigate their emotions." - Dr Sarah Whyte, EdD, MEd.


"This story is relevant not just for children, but each one of us. So often, we shy away from expressing our emotions and this book inspires us to do exactly that." - Matthew Spacie MBE, Founder of Magic Bus.



Travels In Colour by Kelly Boyson



Been to China? Been to Russia? Been to India?

If travel is your thing, this book is for you.

Get creative and use your imagination by taking a trip around the world, relaxing, unwinding and colouring in detailed pages within this delightful travel experience.