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10 facts about Trainspotting you might not know!

T2: Trainspotting just hit the big screens this week and the fans are eating it up! They said before they were very careful to not try and remake the original, knowing they wouldn’t be able to recreate the feeling. The end result was a beautifully nostalgic film with nods to the past and answers to many small questions we’ve all been asking since seeing the original 1996 movie.


So to celebrate the new release, we thought we would have a little research into some things about Trainspotting we may not have known! Enjoy!


1) The author Irvine Welsh regretted selling the rights to Trainspotting after seeing Shallow Grave – Danny Boyle’s previous film. But they managed to come to an agreement in the end.


2) They had to re-record the first twenty minutes of the film due to Americans not understanding the thick Scottish accents.


3) Kelly Macdonald was actually 19 when she played the role of 14 year old Diane.


4) Irvine Welsh had second thoughts about turning it into a film, despite the public asking him to. 


5) Irvine Welsh actually played Mikey Forrester in the film.


6) McGregor considered injecting himself with heroin in order to understand the role, but thankfully decided not to.


7) Danny Boyle knew Iggy Pop and Primal Scream, which was very lucky, seeing as it was such a low budget film.


8) It’s been said by Irvine that only people who have experienced addiction and have enjoyed a pastime similar to the boys will truly understand the movie. It all makes sense to them. Do you agree?


9) Shooting for the film was finished in seven and a half weeks.


10) Danny asked the cast to watch films such as A Clockwork Orange so they would have a better understanding of the rebel stars.



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