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Zoe Wheeler

Zoe Wheeler

Even though Zoe has been writing stories since she first picked up a pen, The Superhero In All Of Us is her debut children's book, written for her son, who found bedtime stories a little upsetting, because see, Joshua has two homes, and in the majority of children's books, this wasn't the case. So, a single Mother of one, Zoe decided to start writing books that normalized shared custody arrangements so that all children, from all different family make ups, could find comfort and a sense of normality in their bedtime stories. Zoe's hope is that these stories will help young children feel a little less alone in this big wide modern world and become immersed in the magic of bedtime stories. You can follow Zoe and Joshua's journey and connect with her on
Instagram - zoe_wheeler_author, Facebook Page - Author Zoe Wheeler or
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