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Vince Burton

Vince Burton

From childhood I have always had a strong fascination with nature. When I was given my first camera it was no surprise
I focussed it on wildlife. I wanted to capture the beauty in nature and to travel the world in doing so. 

I have been very privileged in my life so far to visit a great number of exotic places in search of some amazing wildlife. In Borneo I spent time with one of our closest relations, orangutans and learnt of the threat to their survival as palm oil plantations replace their forest home. Staying in tents in the Maasai Mara I was on hand to observe many amazing wildlife events. Just like on the ‘Big Cat Diary' I observed the natural behaviour of several individuals and witnessed their daily struggles to survive. Having witnessed this, and so much more, I have seen how our desire for wealth and resources is forcing nature into ever smaller pockets of natural environments, or ‘nature reserves', to survive in. This has led me towards wanting to use my images to help educate and inspire people to preserve the amazing natural world that we are so rapidly destroying. In addition to this book, more of my images can be found on my website  


  • 365 Days in Nature

    365 Days in nature is a collection of images taken from all around the United Kingdom, throughout the year. Each day is represented by a unique photograph, showcasing some of the amazing wildlife the UK has to offer.

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