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Vanessa Streete


Vanessa Streete

Vanessa Streete was born in North London in 1975. She grew up in a terraced house with her parents and elder sister, who sadly passed away in 2013 at the age of forty-two. Money was short, but love wasn't and they enjoyed a happy life with Nan just up the road and friends in every street, before moving out of London to Essex in the late 1980s. Vanessa wasn't keen on school, and at the earliest opportunity was out in the world, but she was always writing and scribbling. She never settled for long though, being a social butterfly. She was a bouncer for several years and enjoyed the life, then came a career in Education within Attendance, then venue & events management. Her close friends and family would call her inspirational, if not a little out of the box, someone who knows what she wants and how to get it. Others would say she is creative with a real zest for life, is a loyal to a fault and a trusted reliable friend who also happens to be a social networking genius, and of course there are those who would simply shrug. She has worked hard for what she has and enjoys life to the full. She is a devoted wife, married to her absolute soulmate. They have one son who is adored and together with two dogs, a crazy Heinz 57 who was rescued from a bin somewhere in Spain and the family beast, they all reside in the Essex countryside.


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