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Tim Aldington

Tim Aldington

Born in 1936 and then living on the south east coast of England, because of the WW2 threat of invasion and hence the absence of schools there, the author didn't attend a school until his tenth year of age. However, he later went to The King's School, Canterbury. More from an interest in nature than in farming, he studied agriculture and agricultural engineering, including irrigation. Therefore, he was qualified to work as a Field Officer (Agriculture) in Tanganyika during 1958-1961, then still under British colonial administration. On returning to the UK, he obtained a B.Sc. in agricultural economics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Then followed thirteen years working in East Africa in a variety of research and governmental advisory posts in Kenya and Tanzania. In 1980 he returned to Europe to work for a UN agency based in Rome, editing reports on the state of world food and agriculture and fulfilling other technical roles. He retired in 1998 and continues to live in Italy.


  • Tanganyika Tour

    Seated before the helpful official from the British military service bureaucracy, I didn't know that I was to be presented with an option that would determine the course of my future career and indeed life.

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