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Susan M Lane

Susan M Lane

Pick a stranger; tell their story. It was a kid's game but many years later Susan M. Lane maintains she's never stopped playing. She will tell you she's moved a total of twenty-eight times, lived in thirteen cities from Vancouver to Sudbury and raised two lovely, accomplished daughters. She grew up surrounded by writers and artists; the dictionary never far away from the dinner table. People interest her. Their stories interest her. A self-proclaimed "artist poet who writes prose", she happily lives in the heart of wine country, British Columbia, Canada with her husband David and her rescue cat Maxine.


  • Secrets

    In a series of well-constructed vignettes, Susan M. Lane uncovers, unearths and exposes the secretive side of human existence. Sometimes the evil that resides within the deepest recesses of the human heart wins through w

    Paperback | eBook
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