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Sherene Rutherford

Sherene Rutherford

As a barrel child, born in Kingston, Jamaica, I left in 1981 to join my mother in England at age thirteen. I am the eldest child of six siblings. I attended Tivoli Gardens High School in Jamaica and lived in Kingston 11. I attended Brondesbury and Kilburn High School in London and later graduated with an honours degree in Finance and Accounting at the Thames Valley University (Ealing Campus). I am a mother of four children, the youngest in his final year at high school. There were challenges to face in a new country of residence and the journey had many ups and downs. However, my own story is different as I saw my mother leave to make life better for her girls and as promised, though after five years which seemed like a lifetime (for a child), she kept her promise. Life is not easy but where failure is not an option you will make it. I can only continue to aspire to my purpose and pray at the end I will have accomplished all my goals.