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S. Elizabeth Cook

S. Elizabeth Cook

S. Elizabeth Cook is a true romantic and poet native to Kentucky. 

Stumbling from coffee shop to tavern, to the edge of boulders and shorelines, she scribbles poems and haikus on napkins and found scraps of paper. S. Elizabeth began her poetic journey by posting photographs of her works on social media, and continues a daily haiku project. Yellow Light is the third book in her arsenal. 

She sees the beauty in heartache and knows the deflating pain of love, but she believes you must fall and let it hurt.  


  • Before You Go

    S. Elizabeth Cook's fourth volume of poetry follows on from the themes of love and loss explored in her previous collection, Yellow Light.

  • Yellow Light

    Yellow Light is the third work from Kentuckian, S. Elizabeth Cook's ‘arsenal' and is an expression of lament and heartbreak, but also of love, strength and perseverance.

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