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Ryan Jeffcoat

Ryan Jeffcoat

Much of my adult life was spent in the service of my state. When I became a father and a husband I began to realise what was truly important. My time as a Protective Services Officer for the Australian Federal Police and as a Detective in the New South Wales Police Force had left me hardened and sceptical to many bright colours of the world. Jaded and emotionally drained, it began to take its toll on me and my family. In March 2018 I was diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. I had reached my use by date. Through the love and support of my wife, children and medical professionals I am on the very long road to recovery. Now medically retired from the New South Wales Police Force I am learning to live again.


  • Cranky Pants

    How do you explain to your child why their dad has become ‘a cranky pants with hair'? Why he is angry, but not with you.

    Paperback | eBook