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Roanna Hind

Roanna Hind

I'm a single mother of four amazing children who, I cannot stress enough, are the whole purpose of my life. Living in the same streets of Nottingham all my life, I've a strong sense of place and deep roots in this old town, good and bad. I'm a middle sibling, with an older brother and younger sister born into a family that epitomises the struggle of a region where money is short. I'm a strong believer in working hard and giving my best, which includes work as an adult entertainer. The decision to tell my story stems from the social stigma around my life choices and a wish to enlighten my readers.


  • A Classy Journey

    Roanna Hind, aka Classy Filth, uses these words for a reason in her graphic description of her life as a porn star and ‘classy' escort in the Nottingham region of the UK.