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Pete Mackley

Pete Mackley

Pete Mackley: A working-class, ordinary man. Born in Nottingham in 1960 but after a long and winding journey ended up in Cornwall, which has been home for the last twenty years. I've worked for too many years in too many jobs, but the last twelve years have been in social care settings, homeless shelters, residential detox, residential rehab, prison and community services. I've worked alongside amazing colleagues and with incredible clients and this collection of experiences has been the inspiration for this book. When I told my children I was thinking about writing a book, and what the subject was, they said it sounded cool and I should write it. I hope one day they'll read it.


  • Crash

    In a rare series of moving stories Pete Mackley shines a searching light into the world of drug and alcohol addiction.

    Paperback | eBook
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