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Penny Lees


Penny Lees

Penny Lees has always loved travelling and at the age of eighteen spent a year working in France. After two years in London she set off on the epic African journey this book is based upon. Following some time in Oxford, the author moved to take up a job in Wellington, New Zealand. When Penny decided to return home, she spent a month travelling back through S.E. Asia, India and Nepal. The author has since lived and worked in London. She gained a degree in English at Birkbeck College and continues to write and travel, the latter in a less rigorous fashion!


  • On Wheels, On Foot and On Crutches

    The mere thought of traversing any part of the African continent in a Land Rover with only two other companions is a daunting proposition... that is until the Indiana Jones element within Penny Lees kicked in one day and

    Paperback | eBook