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Natasha Copas

Natasha Copas

A Fight for Freedom is the harrowing story of what happens when one family gets caught between the various agencies concerned with child protection in the UK today. The odds are stacked against 'Antonia' right from the start. Growing up in dysfunctional, violent circumstances, but blessed with determination and a strong moral compass, Antonia is determined to make a success of life as a single parent. The narrative revolves around a single, fateful moment: an apparently casual admission by one of her children, thanks to the treachery of a supposed 'friend' of Antonia's, brings down upon her and her family the full, implacable, inflexible weight of the state. If the story is disturbing, it is, however, also an uplifting testimony to one young woman's courage, and her refusal to compromise where the interests of her children are concerned.


  • A Fight for Freedom

    Follow Antonia on her own journey of troubles and coincidental problems, games of pass the buck and snakes and ladders her and her family have faced, with authorities, society, family and friends.

    Paperback | eBook