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Miruna Nacea

Miruna Nacea

Dreamland is a magical place far far away, where a rainbow shines every single day and the birds sing gloriously every morning. Pinky, a fluffy bunny with a pink nose and ears, dreams of becoming a good manners teacher in Dreamland, teaching all the animals what good manners are. Asking for his mother's permission and taking his magical book, Pinky sets off on a journey to Dreamland, with the hope of opening a good manners school.
Meeting friends along the way in Coco, the talking parrot, and Teddy, a fluffy bear, Pinky goes on an adventure learning new and explaining old good manners to those he comes across. After an exciting trip in a hot air balloon and landing at the royal party in Dreamland Castle, what magical events will happen after Pinky's arrival?
Dreamland Adventure is a story highlighting what good manners are through examples of them in the book, aiding children in discovering how to be polite and kind.


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