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Michael Waters

Michael Waters

Dr Michael Waters is a consultant, trainer, coach, author, conference speaker and, above all, an original thinker who has pioneered wholly new inter-disciplinary areas of study and practice. Surge Studies is the latest and potentially most important of these. This book has emerged from his experience of many different sectors including education, local government, business, project management, the emergency services, disaster relief, house building and retail. Michael is also known as the "Decision Doctor" (a name bestowed on him by a national newspaper). He lives with his Italian wife, Daniela, in Kent.


  • The Power of Surge

    In The Power of Surge, Dr Michael Waters has written a very useful and helpful book. It would behove everyone to read it. The author lays out his case for the moral imperative of all the citizens of the world develo

    Paperback | eBook
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