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Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez

My name is Michael Martinez. I would love to consider myself a poet but more than anything, I am merely an observer. I grew up in a big city with a small city mentality called EL Paso, Texas. At one point it was the safest city in the United States next to the most dangerous city in the world, Juarez, Mexico. I pulled a lot of my inspiration from personal heartache, music, and people. I started writing poetry on my Facebook and Instagram, updating my status only to vent out my emotions, but would always get positive feedback mostly from women. I was not trying to come off as some mysterious charming guy sitting in a coffee shop. I am just a normal guy dealing with the struggles of trying to find someone. I used to think that women were victims, trying to find ‘Mr. Perfect' but the reality is that times have changed.


  • Whiskey Woes

    The poems touch upon every heartache felt by the author, every interesting personality he met and every tragedy and challenge he came across during his life until now.

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