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Maha-Marie Dar

Maha-Marie Dar

I have always taken a great interest in anything and everything historical, which is how I began this story, writing the novel, many years back at the age of sixteen. However, with studies and work I never managed to make enough time to complete it until eight long years later. What I learnt through this experience is one should never forgo or leave the thing that brings them the most happiness and joy. In my case it was putting pen to paper. Carry on doing what you love, regardless of those who tell you to stop. If you follow this, you shall never have the slightest bit of regret for it will be an achievement in your eyes. 


  • Judah

    In 1930s' Germany, the Jewish community is a hidden world. When the soldiers arrive, to be Jewish is to be dead. The family must live as other versions of themselves.

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