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Maha Hijazi

Maha Hijazi

Born and raised in Lebanon. Studied in a French school and started writing poems at an early age. Majored in Interior Design but my heart was always everywhere. I have always been inspired by life, with all its struggles and
beauty. Lived abroad for few years and came back to Lebanon again to find myself. Reading inspirational books and writing was the thing that helped me find my place in this journey and also my soul mate in life. I have always
seen the positive in life and I have always insisted that life cannot be more beautiful than what it is, and writing this book is an invitation for everyone to think the same way.


  • The Talking Star

    Seven-year-old Jessie has trouble sleeping because of a bad dream that keeps returning. He decides to get rid of the dream, so one night, he tells the sky how he feels and a Star comes to visit him.

    Paperback | eBook