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Lynda Thrift


Lynda Thrift

Now retired, Lynda Thrift is based in the West Midlands and lives with Amble's role model. She is the mother of two daughters and Nonna to her grandchildren. She enjoys playing with the grandchildren, long walks in the countryside with her dog and visiting her friends. Not always at the same time, although it has been known. When not looking after her dog, or playing with her grandchildren, or visiting her friends, Lynda enjoys travelling and exploring the world.


  • Waggy Tales

    Amble is a big, loveable, though sometimes troublesome, Golden Labrador. When Amble was kicked out of Guide Dog School and separated from his no-doubt disappointed family, he felt so scared.

    Paperback | eBook
  • Moving Tales

    Amble, the golden Labrador, was going to be a guide dog when he grew up, but it was too difficult. Instead, he came to live with Mrs Poser and her cats

    Paperback | eBook