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Lisa Martello / Hart

Lisa Martello / Hart

As a young school girl, I enjoyed to sketch and create artworks, often recreating
pre-existing illustrated books for fun, with a dream to one day produce my own.
As a natural progression and growing interest in artistic challenges I completed
studies in Graphic Design, exhibiting a strong edge in illustration, advertising and
It wasn't until I decided to travel and found myself in Broome, Western Australia,
that I decided to produce a variety of fine artworks that encapsulated the idea of
Australia. My strong sense of colour and descriptive interpretations stimulated a
fresh new direction, exhibiting my personal artworks.
Later in life I fell pregnant with twins Harry and Georgie and during my period of
motherhood, I felt I should then create an illustrated childhood memoir, to celebrate
the very things that interest them at this point of time in their young lives, hence
the creation of my first book, "Aussie Kid Adventures, Our Fishing and
Camping Holiday.

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