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John Serebe


John Serebe

Born in Uganda in 1977, while I was leaving in Cape Town I saw how the ruling party the ANC was losing power very miserably, to the DA (South Africa main opposition party) my story was to those busy voting the opposition party, that it isn't as it seemed they are all cut from the same cloth (politics is their business) what makes them so sure that the opposition will deliver? I don't belong to any political party. I first wrote Shanfield as a short story to my girlfriend on WhatsApp, inspired with what I just said and giving an example of lavenderhill on the cape flats a good example how politicians have failed the people. I wrote a full book. I now lives in Johannesburg, am an economics student at UNISA. And I hope people enjoy my story.


  • Shanfield

    Ravenderhill is a poor suburb of Cape Town, populated by villains, thieves and drug pushers. When a red Lamborghini Diablo arrives in their midst, plots are formed to get their hands on it.

    Paperback | eBook