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Janet Lee


Janet Lee

Janet lives with her long-suffering partner of thirty-five years, Alex, in Cannock, Staffordshire. She has a son, Kevin, and two grandchildren, Tom and Grace. Janet is a retired newspaper reporter/college lecturer in English and Creative Writing.   She runs a charity, Paul's Fun Fund, which raises money for leukaemia research as a tribute to her eldest son Paul, who lost his battle with the disease in 2011 at the age of thirty-seven.   Janet loves rock music and writing. Mistress Magic is largely based on the author's real experiences. Readers can decide which parts are true, which are embellished - and which are wishful thinking.


  • Mistress Magic

    Janine, lead singer of Mistress, is a teacher with a taste for leather mini-skirts and thigh-length boots.

    Paperback | eBook
  • In Search of Dion

    Jo-Dan Rox is, as his name suggests, a little too pleased with himself. He talks incessantly, usually about himself; he lacks elementary manners; and everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of human and material devastatio

    Paperback | eBook